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Xamarin.Forms - Validation using Xamarin Community Toolkit

In this blog post, you will learn how to validate xaml elements using Xamarin Community Toolkit in Xamarin.Forms App


Xamarin.Forms code runs on multiple platforms - each of which has its own filesystem. This means that reading and writing files is most easily done using the native file APIs on each platform. Alternatively, embedded resources are a simpler solution to distribute data files with an app.

Xamarin Community Toolkit

Xamarin Community Toolkit is a collection of reusable elements for mobile development with Xamarin.Forms, including animations, behaviors, converters, effects, and helpers. It simplifies and demonstrates common developer tasks when building iOS, Android, macOS, WPF and UWP apps using Xamarin.Forms.

The Xamarin Community Toolkit is available as a Visual Studio NuGet package for new or existing Xamarin.Forms projects.

Validation Behaviours

  1. CharactersValidationBehavior
  2. EmailValidationBehavior
  3. MultiValidationBehavior
  4. NumericValidationBehavior
  5. RequiredStringValidationBehavior
  6. TextValidationBehavior
  7. UriValidationBehavior




  • Visual Studio 2017 or later (Windows or Mac)

Let's Start

Setting up a Xamarin.Forms Project 

Start by creating a new Xamarin.Forms project. You will learn more by going through the steps yourself.

Create a new or existing Xamarin forms(.Net standard) Project. With Android and iOS Platform. 

Install Xamarin.CommunityToolkit NuGet

Install the following Nuget from Nuget Manager In your Visual Studio.

  • Xamarin.CommunityToolkit


CharactersValidationBehavior is a behavior that allows the user to validate text input depending on specified parameters. 

Following CharacterType you can validate

Xaml Code

Here the sample is validating Numeric with 5 character.


The value should below 5 char only if it's greater than 5 it's shows error when you submit.

More info


EmailValidationBehavior is a behavior that allows users to determine whether or not text input is a valid email address.

Xaml code

Regex validation

More info



MultiValidationBehavior is a behavior that allows the user to combine multiple validators to validate text input depending on specified parameters. For example, an Entry control can be styled differently depending on whether a valid or an invalid text input is provided.

Xaml code

More info



I hope you have understood how to validate xaml elements using Xamarin Community Toolkit in Xamarin.Forms App

Thanks for reading. Please share your comments and feedback. Happy Coding :)

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